Monday, 6 January 2014

Xmas joy.

The ham was a triumph. As Belly walked into the house she could smell it cooking and she said that Poppy was with us. Ahhhh that is success indeed.

We ho ho ho'd to the dancing hat courtesy of Carol and parcels were opened with gusto. We ate and swam and generally caught up with all the news and settled Zig in for his extended stay. What a wonderful Christmas present, having the little guy here for the holidays. I reckon we are so lucky.

The Christmas crackers went down a treat and even Steve was able to win a couple of times. He reckons we have a family secret about how to cheat at crackers. I reckon it's just that we don't give a shit so the competitive edge is irrelevant and so there is no pressure. Anyway silly hats were worn and jokes and riddles told and charades performed badly.
We swam all afternoon, even Belly got in. We played catch and Zig and I got to a top of 22 without a dropsy and with MA and Pa and Zig we got to 13 before one or all of is buggered up

By 7 o'clock we were all completely buggered and so it was a quick sanga for an easy dinner and off to bed with Zig. Of course Dog is also utterly out on her feet, almost too pooped to eat her dinner. Now she's out to it and we are so stuffed that we are not rousing her wet old body outside.

What a truly lovely day.

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