Thursday, 2 January 2014

Home sweet home.

Back from the big smoke yesterday to find the house beautiful and clean and tidy which was a big relief especially after the disaster that was the spiteful shitful tenants earlier in 2013. Carol and Richard had not only been up sorting the place since 4.30am, but we have discovered all manner of little treaties tucked away as well. All that in itself would have made for a happy happy homecoming, but the sheer blissful exuberance and love from the dog was almost enough to bring a little tear to the eye of even the hardened old Pom.

She has barely left our sides since we got in except to shit and I am very pleased to say she happily trots out to do that but then she is back in a flash.

She swam like a maniac in the pool and then settled onto the couch for a good ol' cuddle with her mum, even now she is sitting under my desk as I writing this and it's a pretty small desk, so she is more than a little in the way, but I am not gonna rouse cos I am pleased to see that she is happy that we are home, and really she is not all that heavy on my feet.

Ah she is a good girl and it's very good to be home.

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