Thursday, 30 January 2014

Support call centres

My sick little cherub seems to be on the mend, though exactly how or why is a complete mystery to me.

It seems that my lovely Samsung girlie, didn't like the new windows programme that Adriano downloaded for me, so after getting some help from Vince at Office Works and 2 different blokes at Samsung I have managed to get rid of the new one and reinstate the old one and now tomorrow maybe I will face the idea of putting the new one on again.....oh dear. I can feel a disaster coming on.

It is probably one of only a few of growth industries : The IT support lines and how these people must just hate oldies like me calling . At least I am not deaf or in any way hearing impaired, so I can hear what they say, even if I have no fucking idea what it means. Rem and I danced around for a while until he came to grips with the certain knowledge that I am a computer idiot but also that I was not going to be fobbed off until the machine was working properly.

For the time being then the little girl is working like a well oiled motor mower. Yippee. I only hope that she continues to behave like our old motor mower and is as reliable and effective. The mechanical relic received an overhaul recently and so for the first time in 5 years she was tickled and tweaked, remarkable really when I remember that she was on the pension when we bought her from an old bloke walking past the house 5 years ago.

I rather doubt there is a call centre for servicing an ancient mower, but if my Samsung keeps working well I'll be able to find a demo on YouTube.

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