Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I had a movie date with Zig today. Normally during the hols we head off to see some animated or cartoon movie, and I know he loves 'em but often they leave me a bit cold, so when the only G or PG movie that he hadn't seen was Walter Mitty and it was one with real people even if it is Ben Stiller, I jumped at it.

I was pleased that Zig reads well as there is quite a lot of text that is subtly included, and at the start of the movie it was not always completely 8year old obvious if the action was real or imagined, but as the story rolled along, it became more manageable and Zig seemed to really enjoy it, except of course for the bit where his MA let out a little squeal and grabbed his leg in fright. Oh ok I admit that that happened a couple of times but there was a big one when Walt went swimming with the 'porpoise'.

So to the review such as it's gonna be: The movie is pretty good, if a little longwinded. It's beautifully shot and I like to imagine that much of it is indeed shot on location. The story line is far fetched and ends typically and unsurprisingly - but it is American after all.

It was lovely sitting in the dark for a couple of hours eating up our illicit cache of smuggled in sweeties.

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