Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bleaching Good Time

I am wondering what sort of madness pushes me to allow someone to slop toxic chemicals all over my head every 5 weeks or so.

Well of course its is VANITY.

As I have said before I have been colouring my hair for more than 2 decades and it is really the only part of my 'beauty routine' and I am using the term as loosely as it is possible to do so, that I have always been fastidious about.

I might not get the old eyebrows waxed, or my chin for that matter, as often as might be required, and I am happy to go weeks and weeks without a scrap of makeup hitting the face, and now my hair is longer I can pull it up without even combing it, but I do like it to be the colour I want it to be.

Today, as I sat and waited for the chemicals to weave their magic I read quite a number of those trash magazines and what I really noticed was that regardless of the publication, all they want to sell is the skinny lifestyle or access to airbrushing.

It was as strong as the stink of the bleach on my head that the push for this New Year, as is probably always the case, is to get in shape, ie be the size 6 you are meant to be.

2 celebs wearing the same dress and the winner is the skinniest.
Swim suits for all ages and sizes showed women of various ages from size 6 to 14 - hardly ALL.
An article about an actor unable to buy a dress at a flash fashion house cos she was a size 14 and it came with an almost apology for her size instead of a slap at the store.
How many kilos has this person lost.
Make this low fat salad.
How did these celebs get rid of the flab.

Page after bloody page after magazine after fucking magazine. It is no surprise that young women feel like shit about themselves.

I know I am fat, I am over weight I am large I am flobbly, but I am not feeble minded. I can see right through all this shit. I wish all these fucking publications would go broke and that they could be replaced by rags that actually encouraged women to be the best they can be, the happiest they can be, the most productive they can be, NOT the fucking thinnest they can be.

I look forward to a time when our vanity is self directed not media conducted, and I reckon then I will still be able to colour my hair cos it has never been the choice the masses. I have long understood that what I like is not for everyone.

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