Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Dad's Glazed Ham

Bugger me it's HOT!! and not in a good way. I know it's summer and I know I live in a sub tropical area, BUT IT'S HOT.

I got away to an excllent start this morning, running out the door ( alright I am using the term very loosely ) and was at the shops by 9 am just as the doors were opening. We are having christmas tomorrow with Belly and Zig and so I had those last minute things to sort like food and chrsitmas cheery things on sale for 75% off.

I cringed when I saw that crackers were now a less than a fiver instead of the $25 I spent on 'em prior to  xmas, and sweeties and other festive sillyness came in at less than $30 instead of some stupid amount that no doubt I would have parted with prior to the 25th.

I stopped for an expresso on ice but after I had paid for it, they admitted to being a bit short on ice so it was not as cold as it might have been.

Now I know it is odd to be celebrating xmas on the 5th of January, but my oh my how much cheaper is it.... maybe this is what we should always do, except that there is that little bit of darkness in the heart on the 25th if you aren't doing what everyone else is doing. There see, never happy ho hum.

We bought a walloping ham yesterday and I am gonna glaze like my dad would have done, well not exactly like he did, cos he didn't have a recipe and neither do I, so I am working on memory and making it up a bit, and in a way that always reminds Belly of her dear old Poppy and I am gonna make my world famous potato salad and a bit of greens. We have a plum pud for pud but that will have to be seen to be eaten.

Steve is off at golf - god help him in this heat, mad dogs and Englishmen and all that, but before he left he cranked up the air con so it is lovely inside even if the dog doesn't quite know which way is up. Am gonna wrap up parcels and set them under the tree and get ready to let Zig at Santa's surprises.

Roll on christmas I say. ho ho ho de ho.

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