Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day - Wave a Flag and do not be ashamed.

I bet Japanese people are still pleased to be Japanese even though their government kills whales.

I bet Americans are still pleased to be American even though their government killed off their indigenous folk and they have had a president who wrongfully used cigars and another called tricky dicky for different reasons entirely.

I bet the French are still pleased to be French even though their president can't keep it in his pants.

I bet Greeks are still pleased to be Greeks even though their government sent 'em broke.

Is there a country anywhere that can claim it's government, throughout history, has never done anything embarrassing or hateful or just bloody stupid.

Yeh stuff goes on here in the land of the barbie and the prawns, that is less than wonderful and certainly stuff has happened in history which completely and utterly beggars belief. I feel shame when I see our leaders on the world stage making complete arses of themselves, I feel anger when they slide in legislation that I find appalling, I want to slap 'em when they come out with disgusting remarks about gays or women or single mothers etc, but all this never stops me feeling pleased to Australian.

I complain and write letters and protest about things that I feel are wrong. The very fact that it is my right to do so is one of the reasons I feel lucky to live here. I enjoy our languid lifestyle and our 'No worries mate' attitude. I am proud to say that as a nation we are generous and helpful and happy and reasonably well educated. We are a great people!

It strikes me as too strange for words, when I read all that left-wing rhetoric about how because of our shame we should not celebrate Australia Day.

I reckon if people are not pleased to be Australian then they should do a Germaine Greer and bugger off.

Me? well I am happy to be here and will wave the flag with vim and vigour today and any day I feel like it.

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