Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lego mania

Santa delivered a big old box of Lego to Zig, here at the big house and it sure ain't the Lego of my youth.

You might remember those pails of blocks which were all the same or rather the variety of blocks was pretty limited. Yeh there were a couple of different colours and a few different sizes and if you were really flash you might have some wheels and an axel thing, but generally you just shovelled blocks together to make some odd looking building or car or truck, and then pulled it all apart to make another one.

Well times have certainly changed. Now a box of Lego comes with three or more instruction booklets which give step by step guides to the careful construction of things like this QUIINJET and all the little fellas that drive it and fight the good fight...well it might be a bad fight, I don't really have a clue
about 'em all  but Steve knows 'em so it seems what's old is new again in terms of villains and heros, but not blocks.

This construction took more than 700 pieces and almost a full day's work. The focus and attention to detail and of course the ability to read the instructions left me amazed. I reckon all that ready to assemble stuff now made in China, should come with instructions written by Lego experts, at least then a child really might be able to put 'em together

So late yesterday when he finished, I asked Zig if he was gonna pull it apart and do it again, but the answer was 'No'. So now to try to make the most off all those dollars Santa spent importing the box from John Lewis UK, because it wasn't available here, and certainly not in time to get onto Santa's sleigh, I reckon we are gonna try to write some stories using the characters. Well at least that is what Ma has in mind. Zig seems happy to look at the space ship and play with the little fellas. A box of the little guys might have been easier for Santa to carry and could possibly have provided more bang for his buck, except that when Zig unwrapped it he almost cartwheeled, coz it was exactly what he wanted.

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