Monday, 13 January 2014

Angry little fella

I reckon angry aggressive people aught be identified on the second or maybe third outburst and ordered to wear a bright green label to act as a warning to everyone. I mean we can all have a bad day, you know a shitty moment when for no obvious reason, as a result of the stale cereal and the spilt coffee and the late bus and the people shoving leading to a broken heel, and a cross look from the boss, when rationality flees and nutso surfaces and 'Fuck off you dick head!' just tumbles uncontrollably out of your potty mouth. But when this becomes the norm, when people walk a long way out of their way to avoid you, when the scowl creases are permanent, and there are no teeth left unground, then it must be time to pre-warn the general public, that you are an arse and best left alone.

A guy in the park today went form chatty cathy walking his dog with his woman friend to kicking my dog in the head, swearing like a navvy, and getting right up in Steve's face. I am not sure what caused the change, and perhaps he was already shitty, but off he certainly went.

I reckon in a dog park, if you have a dog, then maybe you know and like dogs. But this was not the case when Mr I'm having a shitty day so get the fuck out of my way, arrived today while a big group of us were enjoying the morning breeze and a catchup, while the dogs had a good game of chase me chase me. When Dibs bounded over to say hello and sniff this newcomers bum like a dog does, this fellas immediate reaction was to kick her in the head!! Steve ran over to get Dibs and then the battle really heated up. There was swearing and threats and the guy kept escalating the argument, but when you start at fever pitch, there is not much further to go. So as he is leaving he is shouting that he's gonna ring the council and then as we didn't tremble in our boots, he thought he'd up the anti and say he was gonna call the police. We told him to go ahead and I think I might have said quite loudly to Steve that the bloke is just a dick. This guy should definitely be wearing a green label, a big one so that we could see it from a distance.

As we sat there and watched him disappear I wondered what the woman was saying to him if anything at all. It might have been just be another Teflon moment. Perhaps she is immuned to the outbursts and just loves the dog.

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