Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kids make such quick friends

Life really must be very much simpler when you are a kid. Friends are entertaining 2 of their grandies and so this week there has been a couple of pool centred 'play dates', one there and one here.

Zig is a pretty shy fella, not with adults cos that's who he deals with mostly, but with kids he is usually a bit 'stand back and have a look' rather than jumping in all gung ho.

The 2 brothers are wildly different too, but they welcomed Zig in and fun was had.

It seems that with a pool and an inflatable something and yesterday a dog, well that was all that was necessary to forge a fun holiday friendship.

I was lifeguard yesterday and I reckon it took the kids about 90 minutes to escalate to, 'oh that might hurt.' They just became braver and braver and then hit the stupidity buzzer that I reckon so happens when there is a testosterone overload. I did have to tell 'em to scale it back a bit, cos I didn't want any blood in the pool.

It reminded me of holidays with Belly. She would go off to the pool and instantly meet other kids also on hols and become best friends for a week or so. The kids would wander from apartment to apartment, probably grazing from every fridge, and the big people would know the kids but rarely each other.

I guess as we age we just get to a cynical point where if it's only gonna be for a week , well why bother. But the joy and laughter these boys enjoyed yesterday encourages me to think otherwise. Now that doesn't mean I want to invite strangers into my pool, ooooh YUKKY, but I reckon it aught be possible to spend a little longer looking people in the eye and being pleasant.

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