Friday, 3 January 2014

August Osage County

Yep it's movie season again and I love it. I love the cool darkness and the expectation. I love the over priced snacks and I love love the ads and the glimpses of the coming attractions.

Last night we went off to the Gold Coast Arts Centre cinema for a look at this movie. It is not where I usually go, but the timing suited so off we went. The trouble is that the preliminaries are missing. Maybe because it is a Council run place they don't feel they should put any ads on. Oh there are ads for themselves about what else is going on at the centre but not those wonderful drink ads or ads made specifically for the cinema. I love them! Up on the big screen in beautiful colours and clarity and with a languid pace not used on the tellie. At home we record just about everything so we can fast forward the ads, hence I am not some sort of crazy ad junkie, but the ads at the pictures are just better. And I usually choose my next movie while watching the trailers. So there was a bit lacking, even though the ice cream snack was yummo!

So to the movie. Well it is packed with big names and they definitely did not disappoint. It was very dark and at times laugh out loud funny.

Steve reckons it might have been written for stage because it was wordy and mostly took place inside the house. He didn't NOT like it but I reckon with comments like that, which I agree with, perhaps it's more of a chick flick. It's not like 'Sex in the City 1' which I could watch over and over again - yeh I know, what a saddo!, but I am very pleased I have seen it. Meryl Streep was just brilliant and I don't think I have ever seen Julia Roberts do a better job.

So now to choose the next one, but I reckon I will have to go back to the old haunt to get my ad fix.

Just discovered that Steve is correct. It was indeed a play. He will be pleased that he has kept his 100% correct record in tact.

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