Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

This is quite the epic! 3 hours almost so the comfy chairs in the Gold lounge are a must I reckon.

The story was ok if a bit predictable and I thought Di Caprio was excellent, but I just felt that the 70s / 80s sort of soft porn  was all a bit ho hum. There is lots and lots of full female nudity and not one dick to be seen. All very, women are replaceable and men reign supreme so we can't show you their bits in case they fall off or explode, and it seemed one of the themes was success is built on an erection or an erection comes with success, I am not sure really, maybe it's that you can buy a cock if you have enough money? Anyway there was more screwing around and money making and drug use than there was story line.

What I did find amazing was that for the first time I have ever noticed, some of the sessions were booked out and I just looked and the movie is playing in both theatres next Saturday, so there is obviously an appeal that I don't understand.

The other thing I found remarkable was that the place charges $6 for a post mix diet coke. This is just carbonated water and a squirt of chemical sweetness. I had ordered it but when she told me the price I had to unorder very quickly. I don't like the post mix stuff anyway and I sure wasn't going to pay 6 bucks for it when a coffee is $4.

It was pleasant sitting in the airconditioned darkness for 3 hours but that might be the best I could say.

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