Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time for the squashing of the boobs

Hard to believe that spending all day in the aircon when it's stinking hot could be a drama but drama it was yesterday. I drove to Brisvegas in the aircon and parked up, bought a coffee and presented myself for the latest 'laying on of hands', and sat patiently in the waiting room with a variety of other women in similar robes of undress.

The new technology in the mamo machine is remarkable.... even with the ridiculous swollen bulbous boob, there was no pain at all, as the squashing is sooo much less than used to be necessary. The images are instant so no in - out - in -out - shake it all about, anymore. They can see straight away if they have your best angle so don't need to bother you with the nerve racking additions to your dance card, when the pics are blurred or your boob came loose at the last minute and a bit turned shyly away from the photographer. So Yippee to digital imaging I say.

The same can't be said for the ultra sound. The goop was more than a little warm, it was like being drowned in some really bad thick soup that Nanna might have made, except that it's not greasy it just feels like it should be. Penelope got the wand thing and went about being fastidious and pernickety. She shovelled right on in there and it must be said that if I was in any other situation I might have found the need to smack her in the head....yeh it hurt. And cos she was being rightfully thorough, very slow. 3 hand towels were not enough to wipe off all the goop, but I suppose that is what the glamorous gowns are for.

While I was waiting I was reading "I laughed, I cried" by Viv Groskop. I bought it cos I thought a book by a stand-up comic might be funny. But I could not have been more wrong! I am glad that it's on the e-reader cos there is not too much effort wasted turning the pages. I am a pretty quick reader anyway, but with this bit of boredom, I am now only bothering with the topic sentence of EACH PAGE.I reckon I got the idea at about page 2 and now am only finishing it because I feel so sorry for the woman. I don't know if she ever made it to the big time, but if this is a sample of her material, I really very much doubt it.

So off to see the gorgeous Geoff for the 23rd year in a row. All was well. We had a chat and he had his customary gentle probe, he gave me the line to say to nosey parker doctors when they ask why I am not doing any chemo this time and  I was outta there.

I arrived at 10ish and left at 2ish plus more than 2 hours of driving so all up not a big day, but I was rooted. Fish and chips and good old veg on the couch.

Back to normal today and off to the picture with Zig. Ahhh.

Come on girls, get your tits out and squashed, it's only a day outta your busy year, and you get to sit in the air con.

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