Monday, 20 January 2014

State Schools are free - what utter RUBBISH


There really is no such thing as a free ANYTHING.

We spent the morning shopping for 'return to school stuff' Kids lose stuff all the time, it's just the nature of the beast, so I can't be rousing on Zig cos his bottle is gone or his lunch box or for that matter most of the stuff that was a staple requirement last year. It's gone or broken or it's fallen to bits during a lunchtime game of kick the shit out of anything cos I am a boy.

So we had a list of stuff that need to be stuffed into the bag and that was also needed. I had looked at all the books that had arrived during the hols, bought through the school system so the Pand C get a kick back. For $200 I have to say you don't get an awful lot, and the money spent today also didn't buy too much.

What I wonder is just what do people do who really haven't got a pot to piss in and have no relatives who are in a position to help out. The kids must front up to school with the wrong stuff, or NO stuff at all. Zig is pretty independent minded. He doesn't seem to want the same bag as everyone else, or the same pencil case or the shoes, but oddly enough the school hat seems to be a MUST. And it's not just any old hat, you can't buy it from Target or Lowes. It has to come from school at an exorbitant price, again fluffing out the coffers of the PandC.

The books are a MUST too. They are text books and associated exercise books, all cost a bloody fortune.

Any pollie who kids themselves that education is free is just a fucking idiot! or else they are running for re-election in a povo suburb.

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