Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wash-a-day NOT Nanna style.

Wringer washer

Saturday is golf day so that means I have it all to myself. YUMMO!

So I have washed and shopped.

My Nanna used to wash on Saturdays too I reckon cos I can recall clearly sitting on her laundry steps chatting to her through the railings, as she did 3 rounds with her old washer boiler wringer thing. She sweated or glowed as she would have put it and told me over and over to mind out of the way when the wringer was squashing all the stuff. On the second or third time through it all looked like boards, stiff and clean and old fashioned smelling.

It really was a piece of work that old machine and I wonder whether Nanna really was all that happy when one Christmas Dad relaced it with an automatic job. She really must have felt like she was being dragged backwards into the modern era, cos it was about this same time that Dad sorted a sort of indoor LOO. It was just a tack on at the back of the house but it did flush! No more saw dust!

I watch Zig attack all the new gizmos and technology with gusto and I must admit to feeling more than a little old. I actually do not want to imagine where we will be up to by the time I am shuffling off. I hope I am not left too far behind, or at least if I am that Zig and Bell will help me out a little. I reckon it takes a good dose of will power and a good strong kick up the bum from the younger generations for older folk to keep up. And it must have always been this way.

And No it wasn't shit shopping. I needed something to wear to see Geoff on Tuesday. For more than 2 decades I have spruced up to see him so I reckon if an effort wasn't made he might wonder.

New dress, roots done, now only gotta sort my toes and I am done... yeh I know it sounds like getting ready for a date....all part of the 'good luck' ritual which I don't believe in but do not want to jinx.

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