Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Australia's Funniest Home Videos

Australia's Funniest Home Videos is one of Zig's favourite shows, but thus far in his stay we have not managed to find it on the tellie. But he knows the routine. Yesterday in the pool, he decided that we could make a vid for the show, and instead of it being some sort of 'real live' footage, we needed to practise. So I threw the ball, the dog chased the ball and as she ran passed, Zig would go flying into the water. He kept asking, 'Did that look real?'

Now we did this for more than an hour and I can only imagine how his little arm muscles must have been aching from pulling himself out each time, sometimes twice in the one practise, cos he thought that might be funny and 'real'.

Now I watch the show rarely cos all that falling and simulated hurting gives me a bit of a sickness in the belly even though I know most of it is not real. I just wonder when he became such a cynic. I mean he is only 8 and mostly still believes in the tooth fairy - well it is self serving to do so after all his teeth have not all fallen yet. How does he know that most of the footage is rehearsed?

I reckon with Steve on the camera we might get a bit of vid that looks about as real as some of the shit on the tellie. Who knows we might even get something I am happy to send to Channel 9. It might all depend on how fat my arms look as I toss the ball, or how raucous my laugh sounds as I watch for the 200th time, Zig leap into the pool all gangly legs and arms.

How we laughed yesterday in rehearsal. Ahhh !

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