Directions to move on (see sections 44-48 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000)
The term 'move on direction' means a direction given under the provisions of s. 48 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (the Act). A move on direction is any direction which is reasonable in the circumstances but which does not interfere with a person's right of peaceful assembly, unless such interference is reasonably necessary in the interests of:
(i) public safety;
(ii) public order; or
(iii) the protection of the rights and freedoms of other persons (see s. 48 of the Act).

It does go on a bit, surprise surprise.

I am heartened to see the word REASONABLE repeated in this info. Although that does presuppose the ability to think and sift through bullshit.

Twice now I have been given a MOVE ON DIRECTION.

Apparently my right of peaceful assembly was interfering with public safety or public order or the rights and freedoms of others.

It could be REASONABLE to think that the thin strap on my dress could have snapped and in the millisecond it would have taken to cover up whatever breast was exposed, I suppose someone could have been forced to throw up in disgust and then I suppose one of the sign swizzlers could slip over in the spew and go out on a compo claim for back pain for the next dozen years. Or maybe the very sight of a partially exposed old woman titty could render someone blind, especially if we are living in Old Testament times. Yep that would interfere with the safety of others - 'Others' being road workers at 3.30 AM.

Or maybe I could have used my Smart Phone as a weapon? Is there an APP for that?

Perhaps the Police could REASONABLY think that I would just chuck my smart phone at someone, because of course it'd be reasonable to think that a 57 Year old woman would be able to hurl a little something over say 7 or 8 metres, with accuracy and sufficient force to critically injure someone, and she could manage this in the semi-dark at again, 3.30 AM. Or maybe better than my phone, maybe they reasonably thought I could do appalling damage chucking my thong, or be still my heart, BOTH of 'em!

Yeh I can't see this as REASONABLE either, unless it has appeared in some cartoon featuring geriatric superheros.

Further on in the document that is easily found if you have a truly empty few minutes that need filling, it says that the Police can issue a MOVE ON DIRECTION if they reasonably assume that prostitution is the intent of the perp. And perhaps this is where they were hanging their hats, cos I had nothing on me except a slip of fabric. Yeh I was a picture of slutty elegance, what with my bed hair and still intact gum shield that I wear to protect my teeth from undue teeth gnashing during times of stress. I suppose there is just no account for what some folk find sexy.

Or maybe it was all just a power rush.

A person in a uniform with a gun and a tazer and a microphone for calling backup, times 2, up against an unarmed sick fat old woman, clearly right out of bed who it would reasonable to assume would be much happier at home in bed asleep, but for the fucking noise!

Yeh I can just see police sitting around the coffee pot, chowing on some donuts ( American TV tragic I know), bragging about strong arming an old woman or arresting an old woman for standing on the footpath.

How proud they must be.

This would be my definition of a hollow victory, but then I am a teacher, not a copper.