Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Can my new machine really be busted??

I've had trouble with my new computer today. Steve gave it to me for Christmas and really I have had no trouble at all, except that I needed to teach myself some new stuff, but yesterday we had Adriano come in to service the old relic - no not me!! the 6 year old lap top which had slowed down and had developed a mind of it's own and was more than a little hard to get along with - yeh I know, could be me but I am pretty sure that Adriano would have drawn the line and run a mile had I asked to service ME.

So while he was here he had a quick look at my new girl and he download some new bloody app and ever since then the machine keeps freezing and I have had to turn it off more times than I have fingers to get it going again, all very frustrating!! I reckon it's time I learnt to leave well enough alone.

It seems that Windows 8 was a bit defective so they replaced it with Windows 8.1 and bugger me this came free of charge. Well the 8 was working just fine! I had learnt how to do stuff and was happy chugging along with the broken thing. Now I don't pretend to know what bloody difference comes with 8.1 but it is too coincidental to think that my trouble today did not come in on its coat tails.

I am not afraid of technology, I just reckon it should be designed to make our lives easier, not drive us around the fucking bend, hell bent on throwing things at concrete and making a bee line for the vodka.

I hope that by the miracle of modern machines, it rights itself by tomorrow because if not I will have to go and ask for some help from some sanctimonious 12 year old with plugs in its ears who will roll their eyes as they deal with another geriatric with slow fingers and an even slower brain.

I am hoping for a visit from the techno fairies. I'll leave a little bickie out, or maybe that should be a cookie.... ( no I don't know what it is - just going for the giggle)

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