Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Holidays are finishing fast.


The summer is sliding away. Oh I am aware that February brings the worst of the heat, but the summer in terms of kids on holidays is about over. Zig returns to school next Tuesday, so our summer of play is all but up.

I know many parents must be about at their wits end, but I have loved it, that is the Grandie joy. I reckon keeping kids entertained for long stretches is pretty difficult, and I am glad for some teacher training in that I divide the day up into chunks and have a number of activities in mind. Of course Zig has a mind of his own and so the schedule often goes up in smoke, and sometimes like this morning I get caught up with people and so he needs to suck it up and go into a more adult  mode, and patiently ride it out til it's his turn again. We spent a couple of hours in the park today with friends and dogs and he hung in there. Of course that has not been the order of most of his days so I guess that is ok.

Anyway the longer he is away from his Mum, the more he is missing her and that's the way it should be. He would love to be having a holiday with her and in a truly honest moment would probably admit to just barely tolerating being at the big house, even if he does love swimming and the dog.

I reckon it's well and truly time for him to be back in the routine of school with some mates cos he is fair too young to be an old man and if he spends too much more time with old people then that's what he might morph into.

School's a calling and I still have 10 more books to cover with contact ARGHHHHH

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