Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Market fun

Who remembers when local markets were places to go if you wanted to find some fabulous hand made bits and bobs? And then the stalls were taken over by people who have imported some tat from China.

Years ago when Belly was a baby, I did the rounds with girlfriends. I made chocolate fudge and Gayle made cookies and very often we sold out. Profits were not premium in fact I doubt that, had we considered electricity charges and our time, we made bugger all, but we enjoyed it.

Noelene and I made kids' stuff, patchwork quilts and soft toys and mobiles, and trooped off to one of Brisvegas' flashest markets. I do believe we sold NOTHING, except that we pulled apart the mobiles and sold a couple of the toys separately. I reckon by the end of that weekend I might have just about had enough of 'market type folk'

I have set up an easel and tried to flog off paintings and been completely underwhelmed with the punters' responses.

This evening we took Zig to the Surfers Paradise Markets so he could have a look for something for his Mum's birthday, and I was very pleased to see that perhaps the tide is turning against the imported nonsense and is being replaced with folk trying to flog their own stuff.

There was a lovely woman who had hand knitted woollen hats, sort of like beenies, but with all manner of interesting texture and colours and feathers. Just lovely they were, but it was stinking shitty hot and I felt badly that I just couldn't buy 1 or 2. I reckon some of my mates from the UK would be most impressed. Maybe when the weather breaks I will go back. They are certainly memorable.

There was a young guy who had hand crafted hand bags. These were just beautiful and I do love a handie. We were thinking that Belly might like one, but as they were pretty pricey, I reckon she aught to have some input. These bags were also memorable and a good excuse to return.

There was some shit and Zig got stung buying some whistle thing for a fiver. He almost cried when he realised that he had been conned. All a learning exercise I guess but I wanted to go and slap 'em in the head all the same.

It's a pleasant market, much better than the ones in Brisbane over Christmas, and I look forward to going back again soon.

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