Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Women What Lunch

Women of a certain age are very lucky indeed, especially if they have reached that point where they just don't give a shit about the mindless opinions of others.

7 such women, well alright only 6 such and one strange one, lunched together today at The Southport Yacht Club. Over a couple of bottles of wine and some lovely fish and chips with a side of walnut salad just so we could pretend to be healthy, we put the world to rights. Of course there were many different solutions, at least one for each of us and we didn't worry about the audience's reception cos it didn't really matter if the others thought we were loopy. We were all happy in our own skin.

I guess by a little I might have been the youngest at the table, which is a rare novelty these days. And an at bay migraine left me more than a little fuzzy and wearing my dark glasses. Lunch passed in something of a pleasant hazy blur. What a diverse happy group we seemed. All of a sudden though, one woman up and dashed off with half a glass of wine to spare. We did not see her again. She just bolted and then perhaps sadly we all reverted to the epitome of 'Women what lunch' and we gossiped like maniacs about her. Well in truth, they all did, I could hardly contribute as I didn't know her from Adam, but I listened and enjoyed the bitching along with them all.

Jenny sitting next to me said half in jest that she was pleased that it was not her who had left first because then everyone would be sitting there bitching about her. And this was true. We all acknowledged that. The beauty is though not one of us could give a toss if we were the topic of gossip. Bring it on anytime!

We discussed the usual stuff, men, children, grandies, hormones or the lack of 'em, migraines and botox. The table was divided about botox as a wrinkle remedy but there was good curiosity about it being useful as a treatment for migraine. This is something Dr Jane and I are looking into. I reckon a wrinkle free face might well be just the happiest little side effect of botox for migraines. Dr Jane is pretty sure it will help. She suffers too and she looked at me last week and smiled and said, 'Look here is a face full of Botox.'  I reckon she looks pretty wonderful and no migraines. I can hardly wait to have a go. The older women were worried about the long term effects for women who are lining up to be jabbed routinely from their early 30s on. I see their point, but hold that whatever the repercussions, science will find a way to overcome anything awful, so go for it.

We gathered today because something shitful or odd or mean is going on with the AWL lunch group and those lunches are not going ahead at least it didn't this month, and if it is still a No Go next month we 7 are gonna meet up again, somewhere new and scare the staff and chatter.

I reckon it is possible that women live longer than men because they enjoy these meet ups where they swap longevity hints and release buckets of bitterness and bitching in a safe controlled environment where no one gets hurt.

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