Sunday, 13 April 2014


Bit of a rainy quiet old sunday as it has turned out.

It started lively enough with the dog running and returning the DVD before the time ran out and then to the markets to sip good coffee and have a giggle. I am not sure of the attraction of the fruit and veg, cos it looks a bit ordinary to me and too expensive but the coffee sure hits the spot and I am hoping that the seafood chowder I bought for dinner does too.

The clouds were looming but I reckoned I had time to rip out the lemon trees. It is fab having a horticulturist in the family. I described the alternating dead and madly growing stumps to Belly and she said to get it out pronto, before the host plant - buggered if I know what that is, takes over the house. So I set to and she sure was right. Even with all the deadness, the bloody root system went on forever, like a 24 hour a day bordello. 2 trees dug and disposed of and some pruning of some others and a whole lot of weeding, well be still my heart!

Sunday is a good day to keep an eye on the local employment market, and I was pleased to see that there were 3 jobs that I reckoned were worth a shot. I am probably kidding myself, cos it makes more sense that they would be wanting a 16 year old malleable type, not some old crotchety, but I flew off the applications all the same. I will only ever hear from them if they are vaguely interested. The ads say that now. It's like an excuse to have very bad manners.

And because the rain had started and that meant I did not have to spend 2 hours moving the sprinkler around on my try hard lawn, I settled in to watch, 'Mama Mia'. Corny and trite and some truly shitful singing, but such good fun. Meryl Streep is my hero! There can be nothing she can't do.

Quiet sundays.....mmmm lovely.

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