Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pictorial Couple of Days.

Floors - Shit
Washing - Shit
Mowing - Fun
Grass is better, but not Ponsford Perfect.
Anzac Day Collection who'd believe that!
Thanks Nik
Op shop Hat has had a good work out.
The Girls are getting BIG
Ancient design still useful.
Bloody thing!!
Green Jumper Outing
Boxes finished.
Too sad for words - I know, but I love it and NO ADS.
Rod Stewart and dancing with the broom.
Keeping Dog trim

There's no prizes for guessing most of these, but the old green jumper will stump just about everyone I reckon.

More than 20 years ago, my lovely Dad died and my mother's largesse ran to this jumper and a hand made silk shirt that I also still have. Dad did what men of his era thought was their job and that is left the wife plenty and she thought a couple of bits of old clothes was a reasonable keep sake for me. The prodigal son fared far better. Ho hum.

Anyway, I set out last evening to watch 'The Cracker Competition' on the beach at Surfers Paradise. It had just started to rain as I got into the car. This was the first rain for weeks. Typical!! I thought.

I grabbed a scarf and thought it might be nice to take Dad's jumper for an outing.

I parked up illegally for the second time in the day and hoped for the best.

There was plenty of room on the beach and enough spilt light to see people coming and going. The mood was festive and relaxed. There was a final Anzac Remembrance and the flags I saw lowered at dawn, were raised up and the crackers started!

It is no secret that I do love a cracker!! I love the feeling that I am up there flying through the air, all graceful and colourful. I love the smell and the vibration in my chest when they bang off. I love sitting in the dark and wondering what colour the next one will be. There is no part of a cracker night that I don't like.

Dad's green jumper liked the outing too.

The last display was the best.

If autumn ever arrives and the pool season closes, the green jumper might be trotted out again.

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