Tuesday, 22 April 2014

'The Other Woman'

Migraine delay for 2 days... ho hum.

Off to the movies today to have a giggle with Cameron Diaz. I didn't notice who wrote the screen play but they did put in some very funny lines. Unfortunately however,  the whole premise seemed more than a little sad to me.

So some bloke cheats and lies and women flock together to get back at him and they do and he gets caught out and goes broke and and then Don Johnson - Cameron Diaz's FATHER ends up marrying for the 5 or 6th time, a 21 yr old dip stick with big tits. Oh he helped out with a scheme to get even, but you know he knows all these schemes because he has used similar strategies to sucker his ex wives.

I am not all that sure that this sort of message is one we want to be sending to young women.

Firstly if a bloke is gonna cheat and lie, usually they are the ones who eventually end up winning and the women - all of 'em get suckered, so this fairytale ending is more feel good than feel real. I can't decide if I am just getting old or if the idea that a man can't keep it in his pants is just too much of a cliche.

The wife who was the brains in the marriage ends up as a big wig business type, but single, and Cameron who starts out as a high powered lawyer ends up preggie and foot loose and fancy free. Clearly the message is that women can't do it all. Babies and a career - not possible. And whilst I am not at all sure that in general women can do and have it all, I reckon that there is more possible than was told in this story.

There were far fewer laughs as time passed and I reckon at the end there were no laughs at all. Predictably the audience was nearly all women so I can only imagine that there were many others  with a similar take on it. Or maybe there was a gurgling pissed-offedness that the cheating bastards we have known have mostly landed on their feet.

Anyway I don't reckon we should put this movie on the essential watching list in pre-marriage training sessions.

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