Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gotta love Will and Kate

William and Kate and George seem to be having quite a good time in Oz and I am pleased about that. I cannot even begin to comprehend just how awful it must be making banal conversations with stinky people old and young and shaking hands and yes actually touching the 'great unwashed'. It sure as shit is not a job I would apply for even though no one would ever refuse your MasterCard and a new pair of shoes would never be out of the question in terms of the weekly budget.

There have been some wonderful candid shots taken which show Kate in particular to be enjoying herself, completely 'in the moment' but if I am honest, I can't quite see all the bother about the baby, who has been rightly sheltered from a great deal of attention and who seamed more than a little underwhelmed by the smelly bilby. 

There has been the expected hostility about costs to tax payers and all that palaver but the crowds of flag wavers have drowned out the whingers. Yeh the visit has been expensive but I imagine that the coverage worldwide can only be a good thing for Aussie tourism so long as we don't end up with a shitful reputation as cheap skates or rude hosts.

They seem pretty 'real' to me. She gets about in high street dresses which were bought for bugger all and gets great satisfaction from beating her hubby in little boat races, and he looks a little uncomfortable in jeans and sneakers probably bought by someone on a dare.

I reckon as they cuddle up in bed their conversation might go something like.

Her: Can you believe grubby state of the once white bra that Aboriginal dancer was wearing. I wonder why she bothered.

Him: I would have loved to have a toot on the didg. I am sorry I left mine at home.

Her: Just lucky we didn't try to bring a painting made from animal shit INTO Oz cos it would not have gotten through customs. That stuff they spray down the aisles in the plane wouldn't have been nearly enough to kill off all the bacteria. I hope it hasn't done George any harm.

Him: George 'll be fine love. That Bloody rock is pretty big huh..... Reckon we can all be pleased that the safari suit has not ever made a comeback. Daddy has a lot to answer for...How many more dinners do we meed to sit through before we can get on the plane and order up a burger... I saw that some women had set up a cake table at Katoomba and they had some snags. Wish we could have stopped by.

Her: If you eat up any more junk food those safari style jeans won't fit.

Him: Don't you like 'em honey.

Her: They don't leave much to the imagination. Reckon you should consider getting some custom made next time.

Him: OK Mrs. Night Night. George'll be awake any hour now so we'd best sleep.

Her: I love you Mr Windsor.

Him: I love you too Mrs Windsor.

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