Thursday, 1 May 2014

Privatising Australia Post

Well really a private company could do no worse than the current shitful, service offered by Australia Post. They have outsourced the delivery of items to contractors and this has been the case for some long time now. As luck would have it, our fella is a lazy, good for bugger all, jobs worth, who after an imaginary altercation with Steve or someone else here at the house more than FIVE YEARS ago, now still refuses to deliver stuff at all. He just throws a delivery advice notice in the post box and runs along. I presume he gets paid regardless, so what does he care. I imagine he finishes very early and races home and puts he stinky feet up and spends his ill-gotten gains on online betting or porn. He certainly is not buying 'how to deliver stuff with attention to customer care' books.

So when I get the delivery card, which is more often than you might think cos I have a happy little habit of buying stuff unseen on line, I need to troop up to the local post office to collect it. The guy there, either knows me or is the most gormless cock or indeed both of these things. I give him the card, he asks for photographic ID, I ask why the delivery was not made and he gives some excuse which I negate. We have exactly the same dance every time. It could be 3 or 4 days in a row, if I think I have struck gold somewhere in the ether. I ask if he thinks that I have had good value for my postage dollar, he mumbles like a moron and I tell him I can't wait until Australia Post is privatised because efficiency could not possibly be worse, and he looks at me like I am speaking Chinese.

I guess what I wonder is who would reckon in this day of emails and internet everything, that buying Australia Post would be a worthwhile investment. But I really really hope that a sale is not only possible but imminent. I will happily be a parade of one, flag waving and gleefully chanting as they close the local shop and all those useless arseholes leave the building one last time, to head off to spend their undeserved redundancy packages and sign onto the dole.

That's the sad truth I guess, one way or another I will still be paying the blighters.

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