Monday, 14 April 2014

UN Crisis Meeting

If you were doing the ironing today, it is very possible that you watched the UN meeting about the crisis in the Ukraine.

Firstly let me just address the elephant in the room. I don't understand why male speakers cannot have male interpreters translating for them and visa versa for the women. It was very odd watching a man speak and hearing a woman's voice, unless you are at a Drag show in the Valley.

What I also do not understand is how anyone can believe that the Russians are not behind all the violence and the niggling and the teasing into a war zone. There was no doubt in the minds and the speeches of the Pom and the Yank and the Oz folk. They did not pull punches in their understanding of the clear and definite Russian involvement, and then the Russian bloke just sat there calmly and said, 'It aint us' He managed to do it with a straight face, but he was not believeable at all and  I don't reckon he gave a shit if everyone was thinking, ' Liar Liar pants on fire.'

It was like a silly school yard game, people chasing around with words for swords and no-one knowing whose turn it is or who is 'up'. If the Russian bloke said, 'It aint us' often enough then maybe the rest of the kids would get bored and start chasing someone else.

It seems this defence might be the popular choice for getting out of trouble. Last year when we sued those dick tenants who did damage and stole stuff from the house, the little dick thought all he needed to say was, 'I didn't do it.' And It was up to us to keep providing the proof. It was only through ridiculous attention to detail that such evidence was to hand and so finally the magistrate agreed that indeed these turds were sloths and thieves and wanton damage doers, and awarded us the cash.

But even though there is evidence by the bucket load in the form of 'protester' and weapon origins, it doesn't matter cos there is no magistrate, just a bunch of folk who know what is going on and one big LIAR.

I do not propose that we have a KING OF THE WORLD or indeed a QUEEN, but I wonder about the effectiveness of this sort of diplomatic PC affair.

I hope the Ukraines are safe and that the Russians stay at home - both rather forlorn hopes I fear, and that no Aussie soldier is forced to put their life on the line where the weapons will be real and the words won't matter.

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