Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ah this is what I wanted our holiday to be.

What a difference a day makes... yeh I could almost be singing but as the lark genes didn't make a stop here, I wouldn't want to damage Zig's ear drums.

A good night's sleep and I was up at silly o'clock and so was Zig and Dog. The play fight which ensued on Zig's bed lead rather quickly to a head on head collision that would have seen me off the field with a concussion check up if I was playing rugby, instead I got a bit of ice and hope that I might have avoided my first ever black eye.

We chomped quickly through breakfast and gave I must admit, not our best throw of the ball with Dog, so we could hit the beach. It was only just after 8 when we got there. Bloody beautiful !!!

The warning flags were up and I made Zig read the conditions report. This made him rightly wary. We paddled and swam and spent a long lovely time knocking up and then down some sandy castles. Children's imaginations always delight and we finally left with new names. I am now Great M and he is King Z.

He wondered why he had to use money to pay for morning tea if he was King and then was suitably impressed that Dog did his bidding back at the pool.

Yeh it has been a lovely day.

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