Monday, 7 April 2014

Time lost to Migraine AGAIN

A 3 day event!! If you have read previous blogs you might be aware of how little I like the term 'EVENT' It has turned into such a wanky all encompassing description. I reckon it should refer to something quite monumental and not often repeated, certainly not a little party or a bit of rain or some dross on the tellie. In my mind it most likely refers to something good.

So a 3 day migraine accompanied by masses of vomit and a bit of hallucination could be called an event except that it was anything but good and unfortunately it is repeated far more often than I'd like.

The last 2 big ones could possibly have been triggered by chomping away on chocolate and this last time, even as I am stuffing down hands full of after-dinner-mints, I was aware that it was not wise to do so. Maybe then the scoffing of choccies could be the indicator of shit approaching rather than the cause. Who the fuck knows. I only know it fucking hurts and by day 3 I wished I was anyone else anywhere else doing anything else.

Belly dropped Zig down and she too was a migraine zombie. We tried to find a common trigger but really we were 2 people making very little sense, except that we noticed that the ache was on the same side of our heads. Even for the lovely boy I just could not pull it together and so had to resort to tricking him about the time as I shovelled him into bed early and then dived into mine with the very vain hope of sleeping it off. I was up and down like a whore's drawers but without the joy, the expectation, or the profit. Finally I got up properly at about 5am so that I could right myself before the little fella got up. The throwing up continued through the cuppa and breakfast, but as we headed off to morning tea quite a bit later, I thought I was coming good. I couldn't eat my treatie but the coffee went down and sitting in the park in the breeze with Zig and Nik and dogs was curative.

We managed to do holiday groceries and chomp up a hot cross bun for lunch and then I snoozed through Shrek which Zig found almost as amusing as the movie.

Swims and now I am feeling almost human, tired and aching belly muscles but ok. We are having silly holiday food for dinner - toasted sangas and pudding. Maybe we should start with pudding, anything but chocolate!!

I was a walking chemist shop for 3 days, no wonder I had the horrors during the night. Nothing worked though. Nothing even took the edge off. Years ago Dr Jane gave me a script for Valium and said it might help me sleep it off, and I have never tried it, but as no painkillers worked this time I might just be reduced to really saying goodbye to time for the next 'event'.

How bloody wonderful not to have to blog about this shit again.

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