Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Waterford Assurance. How fabulous is that!!

This post is NOT sponsored by Waterford crystal, but maybe it should be.

A few weeks back, Belly and I were poking around in some shit shop and she found some colourful glasses that she thought would fit the bill for 'Mothers' cocktails. Well I thought they looked like what they were, Rubbish and we left without them. Today while I was in Myer I saw some wonderful coloured Waterford crystal glasses. They came in sets of 4. Blue, red, purple and green. The colours are not for the faint of heart. They are bold and beautiful. There were champers jobies and cocktail cups and wine buckets. I decided that the buckets might be the most useful all rounders so Yippee, I had Easter covered.

Linda Hodgson, manager for WWRD (Waterford Wedgwood Royal Dolton) was just about the most knowledgeable helpful pleasant unpushie shop person I have ever met. She told me that the glasses come with an assurance as does all the stuff from her brands. Well the cynic in me bubbled up and she had to explain in detail what this was and how it worked. It seems that for ANY reason, under ANY circumstance, if a glass breaks in the first 2 years, then you just take the bits back to the closest dealer and they will replace it, not just once but as many times as clumsiness, or drunkenness or children prevail. Well I am still finding it bloody hard to believe, but I am certain that the fine print will be tested in the next 2 years. She reckons they do it so that people can get a taste up for quality goods and so sales ultimately improve. I guess we will see. She even filled in the paper work, so Belly doesn`t have to send it off herself.

The whole experience was in such stark contrast to most outside shops.

Them: Can I help you
Me:      No thanks I am just looking.
Them: Have you got our store card
Me:     No thanks I am just looking.
Them: These are great I have some myself.
Me:     No thanks I am just looking.
Them: ( I am not sure what they were saying cos they tried to corral me in the back of the shop and I needed to push my way outta there - more than once!)
I wanted to say bugger off but actually recognise that it would have made no difference and I suppose it's possible this is how they have been told to approach possible customers.

I reckon that if Linda wanted to branch out she could easily set up as a sales consultant trainer.

We could sure do with more of her ilk.

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