Saturday, 12 April 2014

Climate change might be stealing my Autumn

My favourite time of the year is slipping away without being the least bit my favourite. It is still stinking hot, local banter today says it's 30 degrees at the beach, and I had the fan blowing most of the night, whew!! when is the cool coming.

I was watching something last night about how the frequency of serious cyclones in Queensland has really stepped up since the 70s. And certainly the statistics are seemingly conclusive that there is something going on with climate change. Steve reckons the statistics don't go far enough back to show more than a blip. I don't know. I used to think that the whole Global Warming thing was a lot of bunkum. Ice has been growing and melting since the beginning of time and because its melting now could be all just part of that long term cycle. Or else the way we live could be seriously upsetting the balance and hurrying along a current melt down.

I still don't know what is going on, I don't reckon anyone KNOWS for sure, but I figure it might be prudent to be a bit careful just in case. If the polar caps are melting cyclically well there`s nothing we can do, but if we are causing it then maybe we can stop doing whatever it is that is causing the problem. Of course there is no consensus about the degree of lifestyle naughtiness so what we stop first is all a bit moot. Londoners have just been told that their use of diesel to run their buses and cars and machines is actually a bloody health hazard, not the environmental saviour it was seen to be a few decades ago. The views and science are fluid to say the least.

So yeh we can make some changes and by all means go your hardest in any way you THINK will help especially if those changes don`t make you miserable.

It is stinking here, so maybe if everyone picked up a made in China paper fan and got fanning, the breeze would sweep in and cool me down.

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