Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wrapping paper waste

For days now I have been meaning to buy a roll of brown paper for the bunny parcels, but I have systematically been stupid so today, NO paper. I scavenged around in the store room and found a couple of wrinkled tubes of shit christmas wrap from what looked like a long time ago. I have used xmas wrap before under similar circumstances so I figured it would be OK.

But the thing about cheap xmas paper is that it is really really thin and doesn't take too kindly to square edges or any sort of tension. In the past I have just kept rolling the parcels in the paper until it sort felt a bit solid. Today, however there was just enough to go around so care was the catch phrase or word.

I wrapped stuff so that xmas was on the inside and white was on the outside and then I found a soft felt pen and wrote names and drew bunnies on the parcels. I must admit that the bunnies became well less fabulous as the parcels were wrapped.

I am so pleased that Belly and Zig will be down. I get to feed 'em up and watch open their stuff and send 'em home with all the chocolate cos that is definitely off my menu choice at the moment. No more choccie migraines for me if I can avoid it. Easter then is a bit of a strange time, like an alcoholic in a bar or an ex-smoker in the smoking area at an airport - do they still have those I wonder.

Anyway with Belly and Zig and a girlfriend and her 2 dogs dinner should be lively just like the bunny ordered.

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