Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Old blokes and youngster women.

Did you read about the 48 year old Pommie bloke with lots of cash who was shot dead by his 24 year old ex girlfriend while he was on holiday in Spain with his new 20 year old girlfriend. Poor bastard was shot dead twice in the head and the report went that he was found face down in a pool of his own blood.

As I read it I wondered a number of things.
  • where was the new girlfriend while the shooting took place
  • how did the old girlfriend AKA the shooter, know where he would be at any precise time.
  • did the new girlfriend know the shooter.
  • did he have a will.
  • who gets the cash.
  • why oh why would a 48 year old keep dating girls he could quite possibly have fathered.
The 20 year old waxed lyrical about how wonderful the fella was, what a teacher! Oh groan!!

I am not saying that the bloke deserved 2 bullets in his head, that would just be a little harsh for systemic acts of stupidity. But he did deserve a good kick in the bollocks and a few sessions with a life coach so he could see the wisdom of seeking company of people born in the same decade, or so. Swapping the 24 year old for a 20 year old was a bit nuts! Maybe the shooter thought she was ultimately saving a 16 year old from a 52 year old or indeed a 12 year old from a crinkly old 56 year old.

I do wonder, apart from cash what he thought he bought to the party.

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