Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Xmas Eve not in the European Style

I was up early to put my hand to a Christmas cake, which I know I had left to the very last minute and as it was a first I was a little nervous. I have made Plum puddings from scratch before and have had them tied up in calico to dry for all of November, but I have not made a cake.

The puddings were less fabulous and more festering by the time I boiled it up after lunch in 1982. I remember the year cos I was pregnant and I was trying to do my old Nanna proud. I had made a family sized monster and a few smaller ones that I had given away as special homemade pressies. Oh shit the shame!

After the usual gorge of food provided by my lovely Dad, I set about dishing up the pudding after it had been boiling for hours. I then sliced it up and gave the woman what bore me a big slice. As she was about to dive into it and I was slicing the next walloper slab, I noticed it was full of big fat dead maggots. I guess they hadn't taken too kindly to being boiled. I stoped the breeder just in time. Sometimes I wish I could have made my discovery just a few seconds later. Naughty I know.

Anyway, this has tarred my whole intentions re xmas baking. I am not keen to repeat that little wriggling disaster.

So cake has been made and I think it looks pretty good, if not like a bought one and then Steve and I flopped about doing some last minute bits and pieces. I picked up some of that roll out icing and thought I might give it a go later on. In for a penny and all that. There is enough brandy in the cake to require a health warning and to disallow serving to children and the smell is pretty fab!

We have some baked ham and salad for dinner and then I guess we will do a bit of a wrap up, and then be off to be early so that Santa can do his best.

It has been a lovely Eve.

I hope yours has been the calm before the chaos of Christmas day.

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