Monday, 15 December 2014

Seige in Martin Place Sydney

So do you want the good news or the truly shitful news?

It's been such an odd mixed day. Quite like trying to find reason in a crusty hamburger with a  brandy trifle and slow cooked onion mayonnaise.

Robbie the painter arrived half an hour early and got stuck in to an array of 'fix-it-up jobbies' and I made Steve's favourite biscuits while I waited for Belly and Zig to arrive. Dog ran with her mate Sam and amid all this some lunatic/s took over a cafe in Sydney's Martin Place. Amazing how an ordinary day can so quickly to upside down.

My Friend Carol is in Sydney and I know she often goes into town for breakfast so I texted to tell her to keep out of town. She was already there amongst it and was trying to get home amid the madness. She said, once safely home, that she had freaked out a bit. And I am not surprised. These things just don't happen here in Oz. It's still rumbling on now and I don't mean to belittle it at all. I am just blowing hot air in the hope that everyone is safe whilst taking time to mourn this loss of innocence.

A thousand kilometres away and this just crack on up here. I took off to the Peter the physio recommended for my new knee and he pushed and prodded til my eyes leaked and then he popped me onto a couple of weird machines and I limped home.

All the while the siege in Martin Place continued. Zig played in the pool and wore Dog out and we all had lunch and Steve fixed the leak in the bath tub, and still the siege continued.

What the fuck is going on?

I just cannot fathom the logic or appalling lack of it that drives someone to punish innocent people to make a political or religious or any sort of statement. Really, if you have something to say, then fucking spit it out. Do these people honestly think their message is louder or more positively received if delivered via terror. What about, ' You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.'

Anyway I am hoping for a quick resolution, though am not at all sure this hope will be answered by Santa or God or Allah or the AFP. 

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