Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely.

So apart from food, and really who needs that? I reckon I am done. Well I haven't got any wrapping paper and I am yet to get Dog her gift, but I am pretty close to done. Except that I will get bonbons in the post xmas madness sales cos Belly and Zig are coming for Christmas in the New Year and Zig's parcel is not due to arrive until the 31st. So yes I have made a very good start. I have a bunch of silliness sorted for Stevie and so long as he has a fine time in the guessing and unwrapping then that's Christmas to me. I am not really ready at all but  am hoping that the power of positive thinking is strong and magical.

Tomorrow I am gonna go at a sparrow's fart to do the groceries and hope that this is an original idea and I am on my own. Ho hum.

Today we have had Walter and Danny here washing all the windows. Now that's a daunting task here in the Big House, but they have just calmly cracked on with it, climbing up ladders and hanging off 'em to clean louvers so high up, even the human fly would think twice. They might be the most even natured blokes I have ever met. Walter was in an horrific work accident which saw him fall off the side of a high rise building and he broke about every bone of his own and a couple of his brothers just for good measure. He took a year in re-hab to learn everything again and he told me he had finished with all that palaver. When he set his ladder up on the deck roof and scaled it to clean the glass, I was surprised but marvelled at his bravery and had everything crossed that all would be well.

The glass is soo clean Steve has started counting how many times he runs into a door thinking it's open. We are only at 1 but the afternoon is early and he has been sitting at the computer for a long time. My hope is that he doesn't dirty to many of 'em up with hand and nose prints, before he either breaks his nose or believes that they are clean not open.

And tomorrow there are a bunch of us meeting in the park for some festive cheer. I rang the council today to see if it was possible for them to mow in the morning cos the grass is green and longish after the rain. I was soo pleased to be reminded that it was illegal to drink anything alcoholic. Of course I told the person I was only talking about a couple of people and a few dogs, but her threat was repeated. I suppose tomorrow will see. Toddlers can rub their snotty filthy faces on expensive clothes at the shops, and teenagers can sit and bong on in all sorts of public places but a bunch of oldies sharing a bottle of who knows what will be faced with police tipping out their beverages. Not very festive if you are asking me.

I do believe that I can hear the carting of ladders from upstairs. Had best go and be truly thankful and pay the boys.


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