Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Spirit - Where are you?

I don't think I can be arsed with Christmas this year.

We have no plans, except for brunch at the beach - ta Nik, and there is no plan in place for Bell and Zig and I haven't pulled out the tree and I need to set aside a day for that. There is nothing I can think of that will bring a smile to Steve's face so all up I am out of the jolly old spirit.

In a bid to find some today, I stumbled across some pretty glass tree ornaments and have them sitting here almost daring me to get started.

But even this purchase was missing the usual pleasantries. I wandered into a local shop which I quite like in spite of it's owner and was pleased to see that she wasn't there and there was a very helpful Saturday Woman working. I tried on some stuff and enjoyed looking at the jewellery and bits and bobs and was drawn to these decos. I was just choosing some, when the bloody owner walked back in and immediately there was a dark cloud in the place. I bought them anyway even though she wouldn't take a credit card cos of some bollocks about them being too cheap to bother with the fees, and then with just the silly box - no bag, I hurried out into the pissing rain. I am pleased that they made it home in one piece or rather 6 pieces.

Zig will be down for the holidays and I am sure he will bring the joy with him, although that is an awful burden to place on a nearly 10 year old, so I must, I must, spark up.

Let's make a plan. Let's make sure the tree is up before Zig arrives and let's make sure that there are plenty of Christmas things to do while he is here.

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