Monday, 1 December 2014

EBay shopping and winning ... gotta love it.

I've been at it again, much to Steve's chargrin.

It seems that punters looking to buy the Big House all lack imagination and so if you say you have a 5 bedroom house then you need to have 5 beds, otherwise it is just not believable. Another bed was needed though not wanted. Ebay was most useful even if I know no-one I would allow to sleep on this bed, as it's neither safe nor all that clean, it was only 60 bucks.

And last week a woman from the village who used to be an ortho surgical nurse all but scolded me for being less than I should be - new knee wise, and so I went hunting for an exercise bike. SCORE!
What a find! 20 bucks. It's just a shame that at this time I cannot climb onto it, cos my fucking knee just wont bend far enough to allow me to get in the saddle. Shitty shitty shitty. But it's a cute looking thing huh? Even if I never use it, I reckon I will have no trouble getting rid of it on ebay, so we will never have to move it.

There's been lots of stuff that I have snavelled up and I am pleased with the bargains, but Steve reckons they are his least favourite bits of furniture.

Horses for courses I suppose... Oh I bet I could find a horse on Ebay too.

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