Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Flat Pack Jig-Saw, are you any good?

Zig's pressie arrived today. The delivery bloke, not the Oz Post fool who has long refused to deliver anything here, took it off the truck and popped it onto his trolley thing and carried it right into the house. What a bloody great service!

Anyway the drawers-to-be arrived and Steve strong armed it all into the garage and set to immediately. Some long time later I ventured in and was not the least bit surprised to see all the screws and funny bits and stuff were all lined up and counted and all the parts were stacked in order of use and Steve was head down arse up winding his way through the INSTRUCTIONS. I admit to being impressed.


I have watched him put flat pack stuff together before and have always sit in awe to watch someone approach the whole thing so differently to me.

I'd get the stuff out and maybe leave it in piles, maybe not, and try shoving bits together until failure strikes and then I'd throw some bit through a wall. Instructions are for other people. How hard can it be? Well as it turns out bloody difficult.

Steve reckons that this thing was not as finely configured as an Ikea piece. It certainly looked like there were lots more bit and pieces and whilst I am pleased with the final product, I think that an Ikea bit might have been better, except that they didn't have one the right size.
It might not be the  most exciting pressie Zig gets but at least he wont have to start every day fighting with broken drawers to find his socks and jocks.

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