Friday, 12 December 2014

Jamie Oliver super saver - eat your heart out.

After the Knee Horror and all the drugs and the interrupted appetite and shitful lack of sleep and perhaps Steve commenting more than might strictly necessary how fat I am, I decided that if I ate more prudently then I might drop a size or 2 and feel better and put less strain on my lumps of metal. ( just mistyped lumps and LIMPS came up , maybe too Freudian huh?)

So I sent him off on his Sunday search for roast dinner ingredients with instructions to get some frozen fruit and yoghurt. I was gonna make fruit smoothies for breakfast. Now I am not sure about the calorific content of these smoothies, but I do know that they are the healthy option  in lieu of nothing at all, or some load of crap cereal.

Fruit to hand I set off and they were bloody marvellous, especially here in the heat, all frozen scrumminess, but expensive. When I was finally up for a trawl through the supermarket I had a look at real fresh fruit and grabbed a basket load of stuff and thought that I would cut it up and pop it in the freezer and save some cash. Now this would not have been the first time that I spent money to save money but really just threw cash away.

But not this time! I bought in season apples, grapes, oranges and not so in season strawberries, chopped 'em up and have been using 'em for me fruity yums. I still have a few frozen grapes but apart from them I have used the lot!! Frozen berries be buggered, well not really they do make damn fine smoothies and are excellent in muffins, but my seasonal shakes are just as lovely and while I sit back slurping I can be pleased with my unusually successful economy.

The recipe is sooo easy

a good handful of frozen fruit ( start with an apple and a few bits of orange and a couple of strawberries and see how you go, it isn't a precise science)
4 spoons full of plain Greek yoghurt
a squirt of honey
a slurp of skinny milk straight from the fridge.

Bung it all in your blender, if it gets a bit stuck up take off the lid and poke it with a spoon, blend it til it's smooth and freezing cold and serve immediately in a tall pint glass and suck through a straw.


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