Monday, 8 December 2014

Hectic Domestic Day.

The day didn't start til 11am but since then we have been going at a bit of a pace.

Coffee - DONE and Yum.

Physio - New Bloke Peter - DONE and not too many tears and some manageable homework. Get rid of the 5 degree bend upwards and improve on the 90 degree knee bend. God al these numbers and me refusing to do any maths!!

Shoe shopping - DONE - This wasn't on MY list but cos Steve sat in with me at the Physio and took notes about my spazzo feet, he reckoned that it could well be cost effective to get some new shoes to protect the longevity of my new knee and I am never reluctant to go shoe shopping. Sometimes it's a bit useful taking advice from the physio bloke. If I can get along with the Birkenstocks to adjust my flat feet, then I might go and buy 'em in every colour. I have tried 'em before but have always found 'em to be too uncomfortable, seems I was trying the wrong size.

New Glasses - DONE I reckon there is no doubt that Steve did a bigger Prima Donna than me in the choosing, but he would tell ya that I took an eternity. New Glasses for us both instead of going to the New Year Sales. We didn't go to Specsavers. We went to McMahons. We might well be delusional, but agree with the old adages, 'You get what you pay for', and 'If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.'

Present shopping for Belly for xmas - DONE. Steve had done hours of research looking for THE thing and last night he stumbled on some rather obscure shop at Varsity Lakes. Off we went and saw it, liked it and bought it. Yippee, number one DONE.

The storm hit on the way home and visibility was almost nil, and with the thunder and lightning we arrived home to find Dog completely spastic under the pool steps, shaking wet and shivering.

Now that the shopping has started the spirit is beginning to move me.

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