Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lucky basket's xmas week

The life of a handy basket, even a lucky one is hectic and varied and extremely exciting. Sue has toted me around for a wonderful xmas preparation. I have not let her down.

Breakfast at The Coffee Club at Robina Town Centre, preparing for the parcel onslaught. They even allowed Sue to charge her phone. Jolly nice folk.

Parcels galore. Saved a trip or two back to the car, and I never looked like I was gonna wilt under the load.
Christmas drinkies in the park. All the goodies carried safely, much lighter on my way home.

Only the chairs were too much to carry.
Christmas morning off to the beach for swimming and chatting and playing and fun.
Boxing Day caffeine hit. I was the only one not at all scuffy, because I didn't match the dinner outfit last night so I had to stay in.
I was a little surprised not to have been shuffled off to the Boxing Day sales, but tomorrow is another day.

The sales were attempted but the crowds and the rudeness of people proved too much for Sue. Tomorrow is still another day. But I have spied her shopping online so maybe I will have to wait til the sun comes out and be happy that I am at the beach.

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