Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Aussie V Pom christmas decorating.

I never have any trouble remembering that I am an all Aussie girl. Yeh I lived for a good while in Blighty and brought home my own Pommie bloke and sometimes I feel like I am more familiar with how to get about in London than here on the Goldie, but I don't hesitate saying Christmas is in summer and the my June birthday is in winter and there is not a remote chance of ever waving the old St George Flag if the poms are up against us Aussies in anything from cricket and rugby to cockroach races.

But I do have extremely fond memories of cold Christmases with roaring fires and subdued lighting and probably rain and very rarely snow, and NOT falling about with heat stroke as a result of merely decorating the bloody tree.

There is a lot to be said for cold, snowy, non sweaty stinky,  decorating times.

By the time I put the shitting thing together, any xmas glasnost had well and truly evaporated.

And then of course there was the inevitable battle with the lights tangle. Steve carefully put these away for me last year. I remember cos he came out in the middle of a fucking mad meltdown as I tried to untangle the mess straight from the tree. But somehow the cable gremlins had spent a year buggering up all his good work, and they were knotted in every sense.

We have collected all sorts of decos for the tree, from all over the place, and there was a little while, today a very little while, when I reminisced the origins. Today however, I just wanted to get this shit on the tree as quickly as I could hoping that it does not look like it has all been thrown up there by a blind Parkinson sufferer.

I got close to the end and decided that the silver bells which are a nod to my kids from Whitton School, were just a sweaty arm pit too far. I really stink!

The pool is calling.

In Blighty, it would be time to crack open a bottle of something and chew up some scrummy chrissie fare, while making sure there was plenty of wood on the fire.

Polar opposites- well no surprises there if you know your geography.

Ain't it true that you always pine for that which you haven't got. While in London we often took off for somewhere warm for Christmas and now I wouldn't mind at all rolling in some snow.


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