Saturday, 1 March 2014

Party Preparations are about DONE!

Belly and I spent yesterday getting sorted for Zig's big old party tomorrow. Catering for 30 kids and their hanger-on parents is quite a formidable task in itself, but as anyone who has ever thrown a kid's party knows, it is the least of the planning.

With experience comes some confidence that we will be able to ENTERTAIN these kids as well as feed them. It si defintely not for the feint hearted.

So prizes were bought and wrapped and games were organised and a schedule was drawn up so that we know we can fill in the 2 and a half HOURS!!

Belly has today been busy with her artistry in cake making. Every year she gives Zig the choice as to what he might like his cake to be and she sets about making it. She forgets that kids just don't give a shit really, so long as there is plenty of sugar and they all get a bit they are happy. Belly likes to make sure it is a perfect replica of Zig's desire so she follows a scaled up model to the finest detail. And it has to be said that the cakes are always bloody magnificent!

I have been boiling eggs for the egg and spoon races and cooking up sausages so they need only be reheated on the BBQ tomorrow. My worst fear would be that some kids go home with the vomits cos of the sloppy inside of a sausage.

I remembered very late that I wanted to take a folding chair, cos it is a long long day on my feet and some scum bags stole ours that Belly and Zig gave us one year for xmas. Yeh the bastards stole 'em from the shed while we were building the house. I hope they were full of bitey whitetail spiders and they lost some digits, like out builder nearly did. I know that was a long time ago and I have been slow to replace 'em, but it is just not something that routinely jumps into my head....being that camping and all that is really not to fore my mind.

Belly has made 9 carton cars and there is a serious slope at the park and all the oldfashioned games which the kids love so much are gonna climax in car race relays. We rather doubt the boxes will make it to the end and we are really hoping that no-one breaks anything other than cardboard, but we reckon that it will be a hoot. Belly can give the death nell to any boxes that survive the slide as she test drove one to make sure it was big enough for her, and she just loved going down that hill at silly speed.

So up early and ready for the off. I am a walking ache at the end of the day, but the payment of smiles and cuddles is more than enough to keep me going back year after year.

I do wonder whether we might have to change things up next year for the BIG ONE ZERO.

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