Friday, 28 March 2014

So the Baching begins

'I'm leaving on a jet plane', was Steve's song yesterday as he headed off to Blight for a month's birthday visit with all his mates...There can surely never be an argument against a birthday that might last but a week huh.

So now it is just Dibley and Me in the big house.

The rainy storms of the last few days, which culminated in a big hula-balu last night, have allowed me to question our sex roles. For example last night about 1am I heard this odd bleeping noise and as I was the only one capable of rationalising it - dog was sleeping soundly, I dragged out of bed and investigated. Yeh it was the bloody smoke alarm that has always been wonky, but Steve had replaced 'em all before he left, so I was buggered if I knew what it could be. My solution did not involve getting out the ladder and a phillips head screwdriver, my solution was to go back to bed and close the door. The rain and the closed door had the same affect as turning up my car radio when I heard a strange engine noise years ago.

This morning there was a big puddle under the fridge and after I had established that there was nothing wrong with it, I threw some towels onto the floor and soaked up the wet. Once before, we had a leak somewhere in that corner of the house, so as my back is still making me into some crooked old cow, I am incapable of scaling up the kitchen bench and using the 'CLAW' to grab the electric plug and then lying flat out on the floor and dragging the fridge out of it's little home, so to enable me to dry up under it. I have to hope that the heat transfered at the back of the fridge will be sufficient to dry up the floor and that there is nothing rotting in the wall behind it. Once the final towel has been washed and dried and put away, I am sure I will forget all about it.

The pool was overflowing but I reckon now that the heat is back, evapouration will see that righted lickerty split, the rubbish bin has been placed and emptied and returned and the one little pile of dog shit is still sitting on the grass but I will defo collect it tomorrow.

All the washing is done and the kitchen and bathrooms are lovely and clean and as I stand here...still no sitting allowed! I reckon that there are just many ways to an end. We might all have different methods but so long as the jobs get done, it doesn't really matter at all.

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