Friday, 14 March 2014

Brunswick Heads - They do love Dogs!!


It is no secret that Dibley Dog is a very spoilt little miss. She rules the house and she figures in almost every decision about what to do and where to go.

It has been difficult in the past taking her places, cos some people find children more pleasant than a well behaved dog. This is sometimes very hard to believe especially as you watch parents whip off shitty nappies from baby bums balanced on fabric covered chairs, never concerning themselves with the visuals or the conflicting odours of shit and coffee. Dibley dog almost never shits inside and hasn't been known to throw herself to the floor screaming and kicking until I buy her a chew toy, well not in the last little while at least.

Too many places are very unfriendly towards dogs, but today we stumbled upon perhaps the most dog loving town ever. Brunswick Heads, is the winner. We were able to take her to the cafe and then as we walked all round the little town centre, there were water bowls at almost every shop and people stopped to say hello and other dogs wandered too. It was lovely, and for the sceptics, no there was not even one pile of shit left uncollected, nor did any of the dogs go mental at each other or try to take down old people or eat any of the many children. It is a querky interesting place that we will happily go back to. It's a shame that it is a little too far just for a cuppa but still worth the drive.

Scrummy brownie at Cove Cafe Brunswick Heads

Cabarita was also dog friendly. We stopped in here on the way home and again she was welcomed. We sat watching the waves and people wander onto the beach with their dogs, even though to do so they had to pass a sign that not once but twice forbade access to dogs. No-one seemed the least bit concerned.

I reckon that the level of dog acceptance might well be a reasonable barometer for a place I want to visit.

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