Thursday, 27 February 2014

Old Fashioned Baking Day

How did those people in the olden days do it and with such good grace and effortlessnes... Buggered if I know.

Today I started with this stuff and a too many frozen blueberries to count and worked my guts out and sweated up a storm to create 3 dozen of these.

Well actually I made 4 dozen cos the first dozen were a bit shit and I didn't want Zig's mates to laugh at him cos his Ma can't cook, so I had to start over.

While they were cooling I trundled off to the shops to get something to transport them all in and found a trundle box which I thought might do the trick. The muffins are approximately 9cm cubed so 36 take up quite a lot of room. I bought a ruler at the first place and measured the boxes and then went to another place to make sure I had found the best bet cos again I don't want these cruel little blighters to be laughing at our lovely fella.

Boxes bought and muffins are iced, now just waiting for the icing to harden. All packed and ready to go.

I know some people have memories of the smell of baked goods wafting from the kitchen and I can imagine that would be a wonderful childhood memory to hold, but the Old Woman was not a baker. It was about as much as she could manage to open a packet of biscuits and that was only when she felt peckish.

It is important to me to make this sort of stuff for Zig, firstly so that the teachers doen't need to go the epi-pen on the nut allergy kids and secondly so he knows he is loved.

I reckon when he is old enough to be thinking about baking some stuff, he might remember the home made stuff he has been treated to and have a bit of a smile. Or else he could be a wise old sausage and always buy store made stuff and save himself the trouble.

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