Friday, 7 March 2014

007 Might not be happy with this interpretation.


There's a competition at the RQAS and the pieces have to be done very soon. It's in conjunction with the Gold Coast Film Festival and the entrants have been asked to 're-imagine' a film.

Now when I first saw this I thought it was 're-image' a film, and that meant no more to me. I am not sure why the title needs to be quite so obscure, perhaps then artists can submit just about anything and it'll be ok.

The entry form goes on for about 1 and a half A4 pages listing all the terms and conditions so I guess it's important to be a bit loose somewhere. One of the conditions is that there is no theft of 'intellectual property'. I have had a go at re-imagining a 007 poster changing the anorexic girlie into someone more 'real' I am not sure about the intellectual property condition and whether or not I have breached this. I have to sign that I have not breached this condition and I haven't any clue ... oh shit, just sign it. Too much agonising over it all cannot be good for the artwork surely.

It's possible that I am very wide of the mark, but it does make me giggle so it can't be a bad thing can it?

I have replaced the guns with cakes and I think I'll call it, 'The World is Not Enough - Eat More Cake!' I am trying to decide if I should put the text on it like a film poster, but I reckon that would be testing my ability and could possibly bugger it up altogether.

It feels almost finished and I hope that unlike the one in the background which I butchered, I can leave this one well enough alone before I do any damage. Only time will tell on that score.

Even if this doesn't turn out to be worth the $25 entry fee, I certainly am enjoying painting again.

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