Sunday, 9 March 2014

IWD is over, let's get back to normal.


As I expected, the headlines today have reverted to the norm.
  • Man dating some surgically enhanced twins - he gets a name and they get a photo of their tits.
  • A woman badly burnt in Sydney - small print makes it clear that some arsehole set her alight on IWD no less - how very dare he?!!
  • Kate Ceberano is being a gossip
  • Almost nothing about women's sport, I suppose that's cos all those boobs were out marching or some such twaddle and too busy to play any games.
  • And Gina Rhinhart is being a man.
  • And finally a truck driving bloke is gonna become a midwife cos he has such experience backing big things into little spots. I hope that doesn't mean he plans to shove 'em back up.
I know I have left out lots of other news, mostly bad or blokey, let's admit it looking through online news is never an uplifting exercise.

But my point is that yesterday's news was full of pink platitudes, which today are forgotten.

So really we might just as well fuck off the very idea of it all.

Instead of festering in the crossness, I am happy to have videoed Dog today. She has been a bit lame since Thursday when she tore a muscle running like a maniac - yeh she is much faster than her boyfriend Sam. The Vet said to keep her quiet for about a week, but as the vid shows, you just can't keep a good woman down!!

After more than 2 hours trying to upload the bloody vid, I am giving up. Reckon this damn machine is agin me, perhaps it likes the idea of IWD and is getting it's own back.....very ho hum.

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