Monday, 31 March 2014

The Baching Continues

The torrential rain that made the roof leak has gone and I really expected that it would leave autumn in its wake, but no, the bloody stinky heat and humidity have returned. This just makes me crabbie and irritable, cos it's sticky stinky awful. Naturally the grass is growing like topsy and cos it's hot the pool is still being useful. This all means that the baching jobs now include mowing, which I quite enjoy and seeing to the pool, about which I know fuck all.

So the mowing was a snap, but I expect that the pool will be a different issue altogether. The water sample was tested and stuff was needed. I pleaded useless and so the fellas will walk 2 bags of salt over when they get back from their day's labour. These are BIG bags, not those little white paper bags of sweeties Nanna used to buy us every Saturday. These are 20kgs each! And me with my sorry back! I am not sure how to get the stuff into the pool, but I am pretty sure it will involve gravity and pushing and maybe a bread knife to open them. I am supposed to disconnect the vacuum thing and tip in all the salt and sweep it around and then after 2 hours, re-connect the vacuum thing. I haven't looked yet, but I am hoping that it is designed for idiots and that if I can get it undone, I can then connect it back. We will see.

I don't know why I have never learnt to 'do the pool', especially as I use it far more than Steve. It really should be my job. Maybe once I have learnt how to do it I will be keener to take it on, but somehow I doubt it. It just doesn't grab me.

Dog has been spoiled and has not left my side except for when I headed out yesterday. She dug the hole again and I didn't rouse cos she was doing what dogs do. She knows I am an old softy about it but I reckon she might well head for them hills when Dad comes home, cos she knows it gives him the screaming irrits. Collecting up her shit brings no joy, but is a simple enough job.

The smoke alarm is still doing the occasional beeping thing and I keep ignoring it by turning up the tellie or the music or closing a door. Well actually, it just got the better of me so I trooped upstairs twice to see if I could find an easy solution, and it was easier than I thought, cos it wasn't the alarm, it was a little digital clock / photo frame Steve gave me for xmas. It was beeping like a maniac. I thought I had pushed enough buttons to turn it off, came downstairs, only for it to start up again. But I fixed it good and proper this time. I took all the batteries out. I reckon I won't be hearing from it again.

Time to hit the pool and worry about all that other stuff and nonsense tomorrow.

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